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Our Story

Together for the West was started in late 2019 by a group of local pastors who desired to see renewed spiritual momentum in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Meeting for the first time, we committed to praying together every week to see revival come to the west, with a focus on asking God to increase church planting, church renewal and evangelism. Since then we have drawn together leaders from many different denominations and theological traditions united around a vision to see true Gospel movement sparked in the West. Our story has been marked by answered prayer, new friendships and partnerships, increased love for the West and the beginnings of Kingdom collaboration.

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Our Vision

A prayer-powered movement of the Holy Spirit resulting in lives transformed by the gospel of grace, impacting an extraordinary number of people across churches and denominations.


Our Mission

4 Gospel movement

Gospel Movement

Together for the West is committed to helping establish a movement of churches, pastors and leaders who actively overcome tribal boundaries, in order to work collaboratively for the spiritual good of the West.

5 Church planting

Church Planting

Experts in Gospel movement say that planting new churches is vital to reaching a city with the message of Jesus. New churches increase access to the Gospel as they connect with new people, cultures and areas. Together for the West is committed to helping plant all sorts of churches across the Western suburbs.


Church Revitalisation

Many Australian churches have experienced considerable decline in the last decades. And yet in many cases, new life can be sparked with the right supports and encouragement. Together for the West is committed to helping revitalise existing churches to once again experience fruitful ministry and mission.

Our Goal

By 2031:

20 New Churches Planted 20 Existing Churches Revitalised 1000 New Disciples Made.


Long term, under God, we long to one day see one healthy church for every one thousand people.

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